Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pink Bargello Ribbon by Judi Olson

Here is a Breast Cancer charity quilt by Judi Olson. Judi used the Circle Lord ZiG Zag template to do the ribbons. The quilt is mounted sideways.

"The pattern is called Pink Bargello Ribbon and the designer is Heidi K. Farmer. Her website is if you want that too. Great pattern to follow, wonderful instructions!

It will be hanging at a quilt shop in Mankato, MN - The Quilter's Mercantile. Susan Brown, the owner, started this idea of "Quilts on the Boulevard" a couple of years ago. We hang quilts outside between the trees. I am donating this for their Silent Auction. All proceeds go to our local hospital for Breast Cancer Research. This year we will also be sharing funds with the new Woman's Health Center they want to build. Last year we filled 2 blocks, but this year all 3 quilt shop are working together and we want to fill ALL of the street. I think that is 6 blocks long. Should look awesome!
I did mention on the APQS chat that I first saw this on the CL website and HAD to make it for this event! I knew that over a year ago. I had my shop owner find the pattern for me. I love purple, so I had about half of these fabrics in my stash already. With some help we found the total of 21 fabric choices needed to make it blend. Such fun to actually know "how" you are going to quilt a project - before you even get the pattern!!!"
Judi OlsonGarden City, MN

May 28, 2007
Below are pictures of a charity quilt pieced by
Gail Brown,of Guelph,Ontario,be raffled for breast
cancer research.

It is a heart ribbon bargello pattern. Kay mounted it
sideways and used the waves of the ZIG ZAG template to stitch hanging ribbons.

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Copyright © 2009 Loricles Circle Lord. All Rights Reserved.